Covid-Related Changes

While the schedule and feel of our adult retreats will be very similar to those in past years, we wanted to briefly share a few changes due to the current COVID situation.


First, for meal times, in keeping with current food service practices, we are asking our guests to wear their masks as they go through the line for their food.


During the rest of the retreat our goal is to have things set up in a way that masks should not be necessary and social distancing is possible indoors. Of course, you are welcome to wear a mask at any time if that would make you feel more comfortable. Depending on the number of attendees, we may end up doing the chapel sessions in our shop building so people can spread their chairs out as desired. We didn’t think that was going to be our meeting spot when we announced these retreat dates a year ago, but we can enjoy mixing things up a bit!


Thankfully, most of our activities are outdoors with lots of space and lots of fresh air!


Another big change is in the area of housing. The retreat cost will be separate from housing this year. The cost for our adult retreats is $45. Church groups may contact the office to reserve housing at the rate of $15 per person.  The number of cabins we have available is limited so send us an email to reserve a cabin for your group. We also have 2 RV hookups available if someone wished to bring their own housing (the overnight cost would still apply).

Last of all, each guest/camper will need to sign a Covid-liability release form (will be included in the online registration form) in order to attend Longview events.

Thanks for your understanding of these necessary changes in the midst of unique times.