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Camp RoundUp List

 Below are some items that would be helpful here at camp. Please let us know if you have the desire to donate something. You can also purchase something from our wish list on Amazon.
*Asterisked items are recently added.
* Electrical supplies - boxes, wire, switches, receptacles, etc. 
* Building materials - lumber, plywood, drywall
* Wood chipper 
Welding table
Bench grinder
5'+ lawn roller
Benchtop belt sander
Tape measures
Framing Hammers
Jack stands (2)
Garden rakes

Large shop air compressor
Torque wrench
Impact wrench (air)
Laser level 
Heavy duty wheelbarrow 
Plasma cutter
Freezer - upright or chest

* Minivan in good condition

Fireproof filing cabinet
20-30 slot paper/mail organizer box
* Blacksmithing Tools
* Hard hats (2)
*1000 gal water tank or larger
Tennis balls & golf balls
Outdoor bleachers
Croquet mallets & balls (1 set)
30-40 gal copper kettle or cast iron cauldron (can hold liquid)
Dutch ovens for campfire cooking
Plastic milk crates (30)
Camping chairs
Tree hammocks

Adirondack Decor:
*Old lanterns

Adirondack style wood chairs
Old wooden skis and sleds
Fishing creels
Old traps
Wood handled fishing nets
Oars & canoe paddles
Axes, crosscut saws, & large round sawblades
*Ski lift chairs
Donated in 2024
Computer and monitor, electrical supplies, kayak, new DeWalt sander, battery charger, flatbed trailer, box blade for tractor, wood splitter, band saw, 2 sanders, office printer, anvil, golf cart, backhoe, pickup truck.
Donated in 2023
8 new Lifetime folding tables, 20 five-gallon buckets, 2 croquet sets, Halo ball game, turkey, pronghorn, bass & whitetail mounts, pair of binoculars, audio mixer, propane forge, 2' breaker bar, branch loppers, cordless nail gun, $1,250 for Amazon wish list items including a new grill, helmets, sound system, bowling pins, drywall sander, duck & fish mounts, old traps, 2 tape measures, lumber, electrical supplies, 2' breaker bar, dewalt finish nailer, branch loppers.
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