2020 Project: Staff Home & Infrastructure

After a number of significant improvements at Longview, a big need that still remains is the addition of several staff homes. We plan to put in the first of those homes later this summer. Rather than having staff families live right in the middle of camp, we are developing a new staff housing area on our property about ¼ mile west of camp on Genesee Road. The Pendell family currently lives in a small one-bedroom cabin at camp with their three children and they will move into this first home once it is finished. The cabin they are currently in can then be used for campers, summer staff, or interns which makes this a win-win situation!


We looked at a number of homes this spring, but they were either in really rough shape or priced too high for our budget. Finally, in May, we found a three-bedroom, two-bath double-wide home with a great floor plan and the exact square footage we were hoping for. The interior needs a bit of renovation to get it up to par, but it met our price point with delivery included! The home is already paid for, the well is drilled, and finances are in place for the septic system and electrical service. The Lord has been at work in multiple ways!   


The Lord has provided the necessary funds to complete this project through the giving of many gracious friends and ministries! Please pray for good working weather and volunteers who can help us get the home move-in-ready in a timely manner.

Staff Home Fund Update (October, 2020)  $14,300 Funding Goal Exceeded!!!

Once the staff home is completed (Lord-willing later this fall) our next goal is to finish the Speaker's Cottage (already funded) and the Coffee & Snack Shop ($5,322 still needed).


1976 Genesee Road

Arcade, NY 14009 

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