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Resident Staff Team

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Current Support Level

100 %

Jon and Stephanie Bladine

Jon and Stephanie have been in full-time camp ministry since 2009. Jon majored in Missionary Aviation at Northland Baptist Bible College and also received a MA in Biblical Studies. Stephanie studied biology and graduated from Bob Jones University. After traveling on the Frazor Evangelistic Team Jon attended Ironwood’s camp internship program, Ministry Bound. Jon and Stephanie met during that internship and were married in 2011. After serving as program director at Wolf Mountain Camp and Northland Camp and Conference Center, Jon joined the Longview team as camp director in 2018. The Bladines have four children, Gideon, Joshua, Olivia,, and Andrew. 

Over the years Jon and Stephanie have seen the Lord work greatly through camp ministry both in their own lives and in the lives of summer staff and campers.  They are excited to be a part of that work here at Longview Camp!

Jon & Stephanie moved to Longview in 2018.

Nate & Hosanna Bladine

Nate and Hosanna have been involved in camp ministry since their teenage years. Nate majored in History Education at Northland International University. Hosanna received an Associates degree in Theology through Southern Indiana Baptist College. Nate interned at both Wolf Mountain Camps and Northland Camp and Conference Center. After meeting at camp, Nate and Hosanna were married in August 2019. Nate oversees maintenance and hospitality here at Longview. The Bladines have three children: Ruth,  Simeon, Lester, and Evangelina. 


Knowing the wonderful impact that camp has had in the lives of so many, including themselves, Nate and Hosanna are thankful for opportunity and privilege to serve God and others at Longview.

Nate & Hosanna have served at Longview since 2021.


Current Support Level

67 %

Greg and Marilyn Royston


Current Support Level

48 %

The Lord called Greg into full-time ministry at the age of 28. He left his job at General Motors in Lansing, Michigan, and began preparing for the ministry at Northland Baptist Bible College, graduating in 1994.  Greg and Marilyn, served with Baptist World Mission for over 17 years working in three different churches in Canada. God called Greg to be the pastor of Marion Baptist Church where they served for five years. The Roystons have been married since 1983. They have four grown children who, by God’s grace, all love the Lord and are serving Him in their local churches. They are also blessed with eight grandkids.

Greg brings a wealth of pastoral and counseling experience to our team and will help with speaking, pastoral encouragement, and all things maintenance.

Marilyn's smile and friendly personality makes her a perfect fit for managing the office and running the kitchen!

Greg & Marilyn joined the Longview team in 2024.

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